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Welcome to us!
Combining the clinics in the walls DVM our professionals, one of the best dentists, their experience, knowledge and traditions, we have received a fundamentally new type of dental center, where everything is subordinated to one goal - to achieve the highest possible level of treatment of teeth.

For our dental treatment specialists, this is first and foremost painlessness and comfort for the patient, as well as a comprehensive approach to each clinical case. Comfort is provided by modern and reliable equipment, used in practice by our doctors.
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Our advantages
We are located in the center of Ternopil
Ternopil, Ruska, 13 (in the direction of the morphological corps of the TDMU)
Patient comfort
is provided with modern and reliable equipment, used in practice by our doctors
Individual and professional approach
Our clinic successfully combines an individual and professional approach to each patient.
Latest X-ray diagnostic technologies
will help our specialists accurately and qualitatively diagnose your health
The painlessness of the treatment
For anesthesia, ultra-thin needles and anesthetic gel for gums are used. For quality anesthesia - the best tested drugs, recognized throughout the world.
Complete clinical examination
We carry out a comprehensive diagnosis and complete clinical examination of each patient

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